Bunker Hill Jersey



Friends  of Bunker Hill who have sadly passed away.

Steve Huelin1

Steve Huelin

 Singer & Guitarist


Steve Le Masurier2

Steve Le Masurier

Singer & Guitarist 


Members of other related bands who have sadly passed away.


Simon Raverne

Simon Raverne

Singer, Pianist & Guitarist


Mich Briand 

Mich Briand

Singer & Bass Guitarist with Memory Lane


Martin Michel

Martyn Michel

Singer & Guitarist


Norman Clarke

Norman Clarke

Singer & Guitarist with Memory Lane


Norman Vautier

Norman Vautier (Bass Guitar)


Dennis Williamson

Dennis Williamson


John Stopher 

(Sunday 1st March 1981 - L'Auberge Du Nord)

John Stopher


Gary Parkin

Gary Parkin

Singer & Pianist


Gery Jackson

Gerry Jackson

Folk Blues Musician


Bob Tilling

Robert Tilling MBE  (1944-2011)

Blues Musician, Author & Founder of

The Robert Tilling Series Concerts


Malcolm Bush 

Malcolm Bush

Overall Music Fan & Bunker Hill Supporter Who's Sad Passing Due To Motor Neurone Disease Regenerated The Idea Of The Charity Music Concerts.



Ralph Ellington

Folk Singer & Guitarist.



Pix & Val Pickford

(Pix) Singer Songwriter & Guitarist.



Craig Beillard

Singer & Bass Guitarist.



Tony Rebindaine 

Bass Guitarist.


Tommy Bartke  --  Piero Guidi

Bernie Ward  --  Roy Hollis

John Redon  --  Morley Smith

Gerry Gosling  --  Lee Wright

Roy Tomlinson  --  Paul Wagner

Andy Wilde  --  Andy Baker

Peter Howarth  --  Brian Noel

Ricky Whittingham  --  Cyril Lewis

Wayne Lewis  --  Jason Hingston

Chris Queree  --  Bobby Shannon

Clive Isaacs  --  Guy Sylvester

Dick Le Claire -- Clive Bishop

John Manning -- Woody Mann 

Graham McArthur -- Paul Bennett 

Diane Le Balastier -- Adrian Jarvis 


Sincere appologies for anyone we may have missed.





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