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(Guitar & Vocal)


Matt McManus has been a fixture on the Jersey music scene for the past fifteen years, playing guitar and bass in various original and cover bands as well as his own solo acoustic shows.


He showed an affinity for music from an early age, picking out tunes from a primary school musical by ear on his grandparents’ piano. His parents moved the same piano home after hearing this and Matt began piano lessons soon after. 


Guitar quickly held more of a fascination, however, and Matt taught himself to play inspired by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and virtuoso Steve Vai. Despite this, he ended up on drums in his first serious band at university, indie outfit The New Root likely sharing some shows with Ant Noel while both in Bristol. 


TNR won the Bristol battle of the bands in 2005 but soon after Matt moved to Jersey and played his first gig at Bar Rock on guitar with covers band Musicroom. Through this Matt was introduced to the Jersey acoustic club and so began regular solo gigs at Blue Note and elsewhere. 


Since then Matt has played guitar for two of the island’s best-known original bands, Any Given Sunday (a live-band hip hop act whose 2013 album Top Of The World was produced and engineered by Sam Falle) and latterly rock band Serkeidian. 


He now splits his time between playing bass for covers band Little Black Dress and singing/playing guitar in a new jazz/blues project, and released his first new solo track “Real World Love” in 2021 with more new songs on the way. 


Facebook / Instagram: MusicByMattMcManus 

Twitter: MattMcManus1 






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